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zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

Want to create the best zip line experience for your riders while increasing your bottom line? The zipSTOP Zip Line Brake is the best brake on the market in part because it utilizes Head Rush’s magnetic braking technology.

The zipSTOP Zip Line Brake uses our patented eddy current braking technology to brake riders smoothly and comfortably across a wide range of zip line designs and operations. The brake engages with no rider input, and it automatically resets for the next rider. This increases throughput, lets your riders relax while enjoying the view, and reduces demands on your guides. The magnetic braking adjusts automatically to the weight of the rider, providing a smooth braking experience across a wide range of rider weights and speeds.

Head Rush has two models of our zipSTOP Zip Line Brake for sale. Use our zipSTOP comparison page to help you decide between the zipSTOP and the zipSTOP IR.

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