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Arboreal Tree Climbing System

Arboreal Tree Climbing System

The Arboreal Tree Climbing System comes in pre-made sets to make purchasing easier (you can also buy a-la-carte for large/custom installations). Pre-made sets are based on the height of the tree, and each set contains everything you need:

  • Straps that securely fasten around a tree, pole or column
  • Baseplates that can fit anywhere on the strap
  • Holds that attach to the baseplate and come in a variety of colors and shapes

Sets also come in two categories: Basic Sets which allow one base plate/handhold per strap, and Performance Sets which allow two base plates/handholds per strap for creating more challenging and variable routes.

To order, you'll need to know:

  • The approximate height of your tree
  • The maximum circumference of your tree (distance all the way around the trunk)

You Also May Need...

If your climbing route is taller than 4.5 meters (15 feet) you'll want to add a Universal Mount to your order. The Universal Mount (available in Related Items or Expansion Accessories) lets you set up a top rope or mount a TRUBLUE Auto Belay.


Using a TRUBLUE Auto Belay (available in Related or Climbing sections) eliminates the need for safety ropes and provides automatic fall protection for participants, providing climbers with a gentle return to the ground.

Bundling an Arboreal Set with a Universal Mount and/or TRUBLUE Auto Belay gives you the best of all worlds, with a climbing challenge that also offers fall protection and added fun for your climbers. It's the perfect way to mitigate risk for all your climbing participants.

Sale of the Arboreal Tree Climbing System is prohibited in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands. However, the sale of individual hand hold sets, the Adventure Ledge, QUICKjump Modular Mount, and Universal Mount are permitted in these countries.

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